Student Music Mission Control

Log into your Student Control Panel to access your:

  • Lesson Schedule
  • Payment Details
  • Music Tracks
  • Important Messages
  • Attendance Log

Student Portal Attendance Log

How to let us know when you cannot attend a lesson:

  1. Log into your Student Portal. You can find the Student Login box on the footer of this website or the Student Login page.
  2. In your Student Portal, click on Calendar.
  3. In the calendar, note your lesson entries with the little green person icons. Find and click on the upcoming lesson that you cannot attend.
  4. In the lesson box, click on x Cancel Attendance.
  5.  In the Cancel Attendance box, type a Note to Your Teacher. 
  6. To confirm, click on the Yes button. 
  7. The system will automatically notify your Teacher and Charlena.
  8. Note the new calendar entry with the little red person icon.
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