To keep you and your loved ones inspired and entertained, Russell Music Teaching Studios will continue to offer online music lessons in July and August!

For your convenience, we will continue with the current schedule.

Lessons will occur on the same day and time as usual to keep things easy and help you maintain your music goals and practice routine.

Cancellation Policy, for June & July:

To make your summer plans easy to navigate, we will now reschedule lessons with at least 24-hours notice. 

(Lessons missed without sufficient notice will not be rescheduled.)

How to attend an online lesson:

Online lessons will take place in a ‘Zoom Room’ on a platform called Zoom. To access Zoom:

  1. Leading up to your lesson, watch for an email with your Zoom Room meeting ID and link. 
  2. At the time of your regularly scheduled meeting, click the link in the email or go to, click “Join Meeting” and enter your meeting ID.
  3. Your Zoom Room app will open. 
  4. Ensure your volume is turned up and camera is on.
  5. Join your teacher in the Zoom Room!

To get the most from your lessons, watch this helpful video!

Online Lesson Tips:

Sharing files: Sometimes, your teacher will share music and other files with you. To access these files:

  1. Go to the Student Portal and log into your account.
  2. Click on “Online Resources”.
  3. Download your files.

You can also send files to your teacher by emailing them to the studio email address.


We’re here to help!

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